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Audrey L. White, MPH

Audrey White obtained a Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan with a focus in health behavior and education. After studying at the Grief Coach Academy with Aurora Winter and becoming a certified grief coach in 2019, Audrey White realized her passion and purpose is to help people through grief. In 2023, she took over running the Grief Coach Academy with Aurora’s blessing and ongoing support.

Audrey understands grief both personally and professionally. In 2022, her brother died tragically when he was shot and killed by his wife, who then took her own life. Audrey was with her mother in 2020 when she died and was able to hold sacred space for her as she transitioned. Her mother said this was “the best” dying experience that she could ever have imagined. In 2020, eight other family members died, which made Audrey realize that death and grief are normal parts of life.

Life is precious and transitory. Audrey is devoted to living her life fully and helping others do the same. In order to help the millions of people suffering from grief, Audrey is committed to training grief coaches to serve the massive needs in this area.

Audrey invites you to join in her dinners, events, and online trainings so that you can help yourself and help others release grief and stress and regain happiness more rapidly and easily. Audrey is available to speak in the Silicon Valley area in person, or on podcasts or Zoom around the world.